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To help you understand why villas are the perfect choice for a private, comfortable, and luxurious holiday, here are the Frequently Asked Questions on the general information on villas and the standard operating procedures. Whether it’s your first time to book a private villa or apartment rental for your holiday or your first time to book with The Villas-Apartments.Rentals, these FAQ’s will serve as your basic guide to pursuing a luxury vacation to your dream destination. Stay at a villa once and you’ll never look at hotels the same way again.

1. What is a villa?
A villa is a luxurious home or house designed for the upper class. Villas first came into prominence during the ancient Roman times when wealthy citizens had luxury homes in the countryside to refresh and unwind from their day to day activities. These homes typically featured grand architecture and design, as well as expansive landscaping.

Today, villas are considered as private and luxury residences that more or less feature elegant furnishings, modern and state-of-the-art appliances, lush and manicured gardens, terraces or balconies with breathtaking views, water features such as a foutain, and/or swimming pool, spa features such as a sauna room, a massage room, Jacuzzi, and some other facilities. Learn more about villas.

2. What are private luxury villa rentals?
Private luxury villa rentals, also known as holiday homes or vacation rentals, are privately-owned villas that are available for rent for short periods of time. These villas can have one bedroom up to 6 bedrooms, or even more.

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3. Who is The Villas-Apartments.Rentals?
The Villas-Apartments.Rentals is a full-service villa rental company featuring the most luxurious and exclusive villa rentals. We specialize on villas with a minimum of 2 to up to 6 bedrooms, with a housekeepers and a concierge. The Villas-Apartments.Rentals caters to the discerning traveler who wants the best modern amenities and features that are typically found in luxury resorts but offered in a more private, exclusive, and intimate setting.

4. What is the process when booking a villa?

Step 1 – Start by browsing through our premium villa listings in Sint Maarten, Saint-Martin, and St Barts with the links below.
Step 2 – Go to the contact forms by clicking on the BOOK NOW or INQUIRE button appearing on each villa or apartment page.
Step 3 – Fill out and complete all information required in the form and click SUBMIT.

St Barts Luxury Villas for Rent
Sint MaartenLuxury Villas for Rent
St Martin Luxury Villas for Rent
Once your inquiry is submitted, one of our villa specialists will review your request, and respond to you as soon as possible by email or phone within or less than 24 hours. Once you decide which of our villas to rent, a booking agreement will be sent to you along with the payment instruction and procedure. Once payment is received, your booking is confirmed.

5. What is the typical price range for a villa rental?
Depending on the size of the property, number of bedrooms, or even the quality of design and architecture, the price range varies. For the villas under The Villas-Apartments.Rentals collection, the price range can go from USD 500/night up to USD 10,000/night. This also depends on the season during your travel period (if it’s low, high, or peak season). Another factor that the price would vary can be based on the number of guests and the number of days or weeks you want to stay at the villa. The longer you stay, the better rates you can get.

6. Is there any staff at the villa and do we have to pay extra?
No, you do not need to pay extra for the staff. All villas under The Villas-Apartments.Rentals portfolio are with a staff that is included in the rental price. As a standard requirement, all of The Villas-Apartments.Rentals’s villas include a villa manager, housekeepers, and concierge. Other staff at the villa may include or can be requested at an additional cost such as a private chef, butler, driver, masseuse, and other services that will be discussed with you by our villa specialist during the booking process.

7. Is food included in the rental?

While some villas may offer a complimentary continental breakfast, the rest of the meal and drinks are not included in the villa rental price. Guests have the choice to do their own shopping or have the villa staff do the shopping, plus a service charge of up to 20% of the total purchased items.

8. Do we share the villa with other guests?
No. You do not share the villa with other guests. When you rent the villa, the entire property is only exclusive for your use including all facilities at the villa.

9. What are the facilities that we can use at the villa?
All villas are unique in design and architecture that applies the same way regarding facilities. The most prominent feature of a luxury villa rental is a private swimming pool, which is exclusive for your use and any member of your traveling group. Other facilities at the villa may include, lounging areas, outdoor/indoor dining areas, etc.

10. Is airport transfer included or offered?
Most of the villas offer 2-way airport transfer as complimentary service.
11. Is smoking allowed at the villa?
All villas prohibit smoking in any indoor areas at the villas. However, there are many outdoor areas at the villa where guests are allowed to smoke.

12. How do I know that my payment is secure?
It’s important that you know who you are dealing with. If you are booking through a company or agency, make sure to check their background. The safest way to book is through bank transfer or credit card. You will know if a business is credible if they accept credit card payments. At The Villas-Apartments.Rentals, we accept both payment method. Another best way to secure your booking is to have it insured. Read more information about holiday rental insurance.

13. What is the Payment or Refund Policy?
Before booking any villa, make sure to read the Terms & Conditions. All villas have different ways in terms of payment and refund policy. As a standard procedure for many villa rentals, upon confirmation of booking the villa, a deposit of 30% will be required. The other 70% will be collected 60 days before your arrival date. The refund policy is entirely up to the owner.

14. What is the best way to choose the right villa for me?
There are many things to consider booking or choosing the right villa. First you need to identify your wants and needs. How many guests you will be traveling with, do you wish to be near the beach or the sea, or you’d prefer to be on the hillside or hilltop? Are you traveling with someone who needs special attention or maybe toddlers and kids?

The easiest way to find the perfect villa is to let our villa specialist know every single detail that we need to know about the configuration of your group and your plans when you are at the villa or in the destination. Then once we know what you need, we will help you find that perfect villa that will match according to your requirements.

15. Are all villas safe for kids or child-friendly?
Not all villas are designed to be child or kid friendly. Always inform your agent or the company you are dealing with if you are traveling with children or babies. There are many villas in St Barts, Saint-Martin, and Sint Maarten that are kid friendly especially the ones that are built on a flat ground, mostly beachfront villas. For more information on how to know if a villa rental is child-friendly or not.

The Villas-Apartments.Rentals is always seeking out new partnership with villa owners and luxury properties that match our standard, with no upfront cost and no subscription fee. Our clever strategy and commitment to excellence are sure to get results.